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ISO 1-2 Roomates

My fiance and I are looking for one or two roommates to fill two empty bedrooms in the house we are renting starting in May or June 2018, the lease is 1-year, couples are welcome! Our roommates are graduating so we are hoping to fill the spaces. Rent is $216 a month per person plus utilities and water is paid by the landlord who is super nice and helpful. If there is ever a problem the landlord will come by within a couple hours to see if they can fix it. We have a washer, dryer, and dishwasher. The largest bathroom will be shared between the two available bedrooms but it has a lot of room. It's about a 2-3 minute drive to campus when the weathers bad. There is also a firepit behind our garage which we have bonfires in throughout the spring, summer, and fall!! The address is 605 N Vine St., in Maryville. If interested text or call (402) 304-3550.    $216
Phone: 402-304-3550
Location: Maryville MO

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