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Need female roommate starting in Jan. 2018!!

I will be leaving Maryville in December 2017 (after finals), so I am looking for a female to basically "take my place" in the apartment I have been living in. It is a two-bedroom apartment with a bathroom, kitchen, and living room. The apartment is a few blocks off campus, across from the CIE building - so, within walking distance. My current roommate would be your roommate. She is a pre-med exchange student from the Caribbean; she is clean, organized, kind, and loves to dance. If you are interested, you would talk to, and meet with, both me and her. The reason I am the one posting this ad is because it's technically my responsibility to find a replacement roommate. Concerning the rent: the rent (paid to the landlord) is $275/month and this includes water, trash, gas, and wifi. KCPL is electric and that is paid for separately - it usually comes to around $60/month, so $30 each for electric. So, all together, rent for this apartment is around $300/$310 a month, which is a good deal for how close this apartment is to campus! If you'd like to see the apartment, be sent pictures of it, or know more details, please email me at or text me at (816)-585-1520.    $275
Phone: 8165851520
Location: Maryville MO

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